The Sweepmaster M600 is a compact, manual sweeping machine suitable for use in small indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Features

  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Fitted with a robust dirt hopper, an impact-resistant steel frame and solid aluminium housing
  • The handle can be adapted optimally to every user through its ergonomic shape and simple turnaround of the handle
  • Easy to remove dirt hopper
  • A practical solution for both commercial and industrial sites
Technical Data
Sweep width without/with side brush
Sweeping performance
Dirt hopper volume
Width with side brush
Length with side brush
Length with handlebar
Height with handlebar folded
Height with handlebar
Sweepmaster M600
2,300 m2/h
40 l
24 kg
790 mm
1,330 mm
1,550 mm
390 mm
900/1,060 mm

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